Shipping Policy

What is your shipping policy?

I ship within 3-5 days of receiving the order. Please allow up to two weeks for your order to arrive! I use USPS as my shipping service. Shipping costs are determined by the weight and dimensions of the item.

What shipping materials do you use?

For larger prints (11 by 14 inches), I use mailer tubes. This is the best way to prevent prints from bending. For all smaller prints, I use envelopes and place extra cardboard and caution stickers to prevent the print from bending.

How often do you send out orders?

I typically send out orders on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

What should I do if the print or original is bent during shipping?

I would highly suggest placing the print or work under heavy items, such as textbooks. This, unfortunately, does happen despite all precautions taken sometimes.